Discounts up to 50 percent on bridal and evening dress

Discounts up to 30% on bridal and evening wear and 50% of any sample

Dear Ana Koi Brides,

In light of the recent world events, the health and wellbeing of our customers and employees is our main priority.

Ana Koi Bridal will be happy to serve our valued customers online.

We understand this is an unprecedented and difficult situation. The least we can do from our end is offer discounts up to 30% on bridal and evening wear and 50% of any sample in the store for next 2 weeks. Once our city back to normal our brides will have a chance to try on their gowns and exchange product if nessassary.

Wedding Dress with 50% off

  • DeyaDeya-back
  • Monaco Campaign Ellery (2 )Monaco Campaign Ellery (1 )
  • Mystery Diana 17027 (1)Mystery Diana 17027 (2)
  • Maria Mitchello Domenic
  • Maria Mitchello Davina_1
  • Maria Mitchello Daruta (2)Maria Mitchello Daruta (3)
  • Maria Mitchello Daniela_1Maria Mitchello Daniela_2
  • Maria Mitchello Dana_2Maria Mitchello Dana_1
  • Maria Mitchello Damian_1Maria Mitchello Damian_2
  • Maria Mitchello Dalila
  • Maria Mitchello Daimera (1)
  • Plus Size1910_2Plus Size1910_1

Take care of yourselves and your close ones.

With love,
Ana Koi Bridal

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