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  • Sholomit Azrad Agam US$3,993
  • Sholomit Azrad Alin US$4,686
  • Sholomit Azrad Amenda US$3,498
  • Sholomit Azrad Emilia US$3,895
  • Sholomit Azrad Jenifer US$3,644
  • Sholomit Azrad Kim US$3,993
  • Sholomit Azrad Lian US$3,396
  • Sholomit Azrad Lior US$3,891
  • Sholomit Azrad Marin US$4,154
  • Sholomit Azrad Rita US$4,081
  • Sholomit Azrad Ross US$3,862
  • Sholomit Azrad Sheri US$4,664

Shlomit Azrad: bridal couture with a personal touch

Shlomit Azrad is a name that resonates with luxury and bespoke bridal couture. With over a decade of experience in haute couture, Shlomit Azrad has established a fashion house that redefines elite fashion for women, particularly in the realm of wedding and evening gowns. Born in Israel, Shlomit Azrad’s passion for fashion and aesthetics was evident from a young age, leading her to create a brand that is both delicate in design and daring in concept.

Customized elegance for every bride

Shlomit Azrad’s bridal collections are a testament to her unique design philosophy. Each wedding dress is a masterpiece, reflecting the brand’s signature use of delicate fabrics, subtle stones, and charming embellishments. Brides can place their orders online, choosing from a variety of styles that cater to individual tastes and preferences. The brand takes pride in offering dresses made to the bride’s personal measurements, ensuring a gown that is as unique as the bride herself.

Experience Shlomit Azrad in Miami and beyond

For those looking to try on a Shlomit Azrad creation, the exclusive Ana Koi Bridal salon in the USA offers a personalized fitting experience. Located in Miami, the salon is a gateway to the world of Shlomit Azrad, where brides can explore the latest collections and find their dream dress. With worldwide delivery, the brand ensures that no matter where you are, a Shlomit Azrad gown is within reach.

Trunk Shows and Exclusive Collections

Shlomit Azrad’s trunk shows are events not to be missed. These exclusive showcases provide a glimpse into the latest innovations in bridal fashion, presenting the newest additions to the Shlomit Azrad line. Ana Koi Bridal hosts these events, offering an exclusive selection of Shlomit Azrad dresses specifically for the US market. It’s an opportunity for brides to experience the latest trends and timeless elegance that Shlomit Azrad brings to the altar.

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