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  • Adi Shlomo 808 Holly $4,093
  • Adi Shlomo Aria 801 dress + cape $3,852
  • Adi Shlomo Bianca 802 big skirt $4,240
  • Adi Shlomo Bianca 802 fitted skirt $3,998
  • Adi Shlomo Cora 803 fitted dress $3,582
  • Adi Shlomo Cora 803 overskirt $1,900
  • Adi Shlomo Daisy 804 big skirt $3,874
  • Adi Shlomo Daisy 804 fitted skirt $3,582
  • Adi Shlomo Ella 805 big skirt $4,166
  • Adi Shlomo Ella 805 fitted skirt $3,655
  • Adi Shlomo Florence 806 big skirt $4,166
  • Adi Shlomo Florence 806 mini skirt $2,851

Adi Shlomo: the art of personalized bridal couture

Adi Shlomo, an Israeli fashion designer with over 15 years of experience, has been redefining bridal elegance since launching her own label in 2015. Her brand is renowned for its couture bridal gowns that are not just beautiful but feel amazing to wear. Each gown is handcrafted in Adiโ€™s studio in Israel, with brides having the option to customize their dress by choosing from multiple skirt, bodice, and sleeve options.

Designing dreams: the Adi Shlomo collections

The Adi Shlomo collections is a celebration of contemporary bridal fashion, made from the highest quality fabrics and laces. Drawing inspiration from modern surroundings, the brand delivers exclusive bridal fashion at an affordable price. The collections, including Floral, Labelle, Glam, and Royal, offer a variety of styles that cater to the unique vision of every bride.

Ana Koi Bridal: exclusive Adi Shlomo dresses in the USA

Ana Koi Bridal, a prestigious bridal boutique, proudly offers an exclusive selection of Adi Shlomo dresses in the USA. Brides can explore the extensive catalog online or visit the boutique for a personalized fitting experience. Whether itโ€™s a custom order or a selection from the trunk shows, Ana Koi Bridal ensures that every bride finds her perfect Adi Shlomo gown.

From online browsing to worldwide delivery

Adi Shlomoโ€™s partnership with Ana Koi Bridal allows brides to purchase their wedding dresses online or try on their favorites in Miami. The brandโ€™s commitment to accessibility is matched by its dedication to service, offering worldwide delivery to ensure that every bride, no matter where she is, can wear a stunning Adi Shlomo dress on her special day.

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