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  • Mystery Dakota 16853 (1)Mystery Dakota 16853 (3)
    Lussano Dakota 16853 US$2,865
  • Mystery Dalary 16854 (1)Mystery Dalary 16854 (2)
    Lussano Dalary 16854 US$1,928
  • Mystery Dale 16855 (1)Mystery Dale 16855 (2)
    Lussano Dale 16855 US$2,094
  • Mystery Dallyce 16856 (1)Mystery Dallyce 16856 (2)
    Lussano Dallyce 16856 US$2,204
  • Mystery Damiane 16857 (1)Mystery Damiane 16857 (2)
    Lussano Damiane 16857 US$2,204
  • Mystery Dana 16858 (1)Mystery Dana 16858 (2)
    Lussano Dana 16858 US$1,763
  • Mystery Danaya 16859 (1)Mystery Danaya 16859 (2)
    Lussano Danaya 16859 US$1,928
  • Mystery Dani 16860 (1)Mystery Dani 16860 (2)
    Lussano Dani 16860 US$2,094
  • Mystery Dania 16861 (1)Mystery Dania 16861 (2)
    Lussano Dania 16861 US$1,928
  • Mystery Daniela 16862 (1)Mystery Daniela 16862 (2)
    Lussano Daniela 16862 US$2,314
  • Mystery Darcy 16863 (1)Mystery Darcy 16863 (2)
    Lussano Darcy 16863 US$2,314
  • Mystery Daria 16865 (1)Mystery Daria 16865 (2)
    Lussano Daria 16865 US$1,433

Given that lace wedding dresses have continued to gain popularity amongst brides, the designers of Lussano have made lace their signature. When creating new bridal collections, Lussano designs wedding dresses with only the best handmade lace. Their laces are made to suit both light fabrics such as chiffon and guipure, and also on more dense fabrics including atlas, crepe, and silk.

Embossed ornaments, frills, ruffles โ€“ all these details makes the outfits so gorgeous and luxurious that you will be enticed to try on every single dress! What else is there to say, just take a look at the wedding dress catalog from Lussano!

Wedding salon Ana Koi Bridal offers brides only the best collections from Italian designer Lussano Bridal at the lowest prices in Ontario.

Call now to book a bridal consultation and we will help you find your ideal wedding dress at our boutique, Ana Koi Bridal.

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