Eva Lendel

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The team of designers of the wedding brand Eva Lendel always keep up with bridal fashion trends to please the modern bride. Creativity, originality, exclusivity – this is what Eva Lendel represents.

The airy silhouettes with floor-length skirts look extremely gentle, and clean-cut lines combined with jewelry decor give the bride’s image even more sensuality. In addition, designers replace light and flowing silk with inserts of transparent chiffon and textured lace.

EVA LENDEL – a brand that fully meets the needs of the bride! Any bride who chooses a wedding dress from Eva Lendel looks feminine and romantic. At Ana Koi Bridal in Ontario, you can find only the best models from all collections. Hurry up to make an appointment right now to buy your perfect wedding dress from Eva Lendel. We offer attractive prices for Eva Lendel bridal gown, starting from only $2,500 you are bound to meet the dress of your dreams.

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